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“G.M. Cantacuzino” Faculty of Architecture, part of “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iassy, specialises professionals in architecture, urban planning, restoration, interior architecture and design, landscape design, being mainly oriented to the architecture of the buildings.

Study Programs

Designed to prepare graduates for a very wide range of demands, the integrated study program of bachelor/master covers a six years period and aims to train the student to acquire the knowledge and skills competency in:

  • Specialised project preparation and participation in interdisciplinary collectives with specialists in technical, humanist and arts fields;
  • Tracking/management of the project execution;
  • Conducting technical (practical) and scientific research;
  • decision-making in the technical boards of the central and the local administration.


  1. METHOD OF SELECTION: COMPETITION (technical and artistical drawing)

At “G.M. Cantacuzino” Faculty of Architecture, the general admission average is being calculated as a weighted average between the grade obtained at the technical and artistical drawing exam and the baccalaureate average, using the formula:



The candidates who have obtained awards in national and international architecture competitions during high school will enter the admission contest without paying the registration fee.

Candidate registration 4 -7th of July 2022
The contest – technical and artistical drawing9 th of July 2022
Display of results 14 th of July 2022
Confirmation period  15 – 19 th of July 2022
Display of results20 th of July 2022
Confirmation period  21 – 23 th of July 2022
Final display of results 24 th of July 2022


As an Architecture student, you will get:

  • Scholarships for study, excellence and performance
  • Computer lab equipped with modern computers and free student software for architecture design and visualisation
  • Internships in Romania or abroad, through Erasmus+ program

Organized activities

As an architecture student, you can attend:

  • Organised activities by Architecture Students Association from Iasi (ASAI);
  • Student competitions (CASA, IVA Velux, ISOVER, etc.);
  • Surveying practice held in Sibiu, Suceava, visits on construction sites and in building materials factories.
  • Scientific Symposiums organised by Faculty of Architecture in collaboration with ARHIAS Cultural Association and Architecture Students Association from Iasi (ASAI);
  • Study mobilities in prestigious universities in Europe through Erasmus + program (France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, Poland)

Official page of the faculty: https://www.arh.tuiasi.ro/

Architecture Students Association from Iasi (ASAI): http://asai.tuiasi.ro/