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Accommodation and cafeteria

Like most Romanian students coming from different regions of the country and many international students, you could choose to live on campus. University accommodation means 21 dorms in ‘Tudor Vladimirescu’ Student Campus, with more than 7,500 places in 2,700 rooms. Also, there is a new and modern cafeteria, where you can eat tasty food at low prices.


City, campus and student life

You’ll be studying in Iași, the heart of Moldova and one of the busiest, most vibrant cities in Romania. Awesome places, tasty local food and great nightlife that you’ll instantly fall in love with. You’ll live in ‘Tudor Vladimirescu’, an 8,000 student campus that’s like a small city within the city. On campus you have everything you need: canteen with great and incredibly cheap food, modern gym, playing fields, cafés, bars, clubs, you name it! The dorms are within walking distance from Iulius Mall (shops, restaurants, 3D cinema, etc.) and the newest business and shopping centre of the city, Palas.